Pilot Software and Development

On these pages you'll find some tools and information on how to develop and debug Pilot applications under Linux as well as some applications and source code examples.

   Worldcup 2010

Worldcup 2010 is the frequently requested FIFA World Cup 2010 adoption of Bundesliga. This version has been compiled by Stefan Runge (thank you, Stefan).


  • (16 June 2010) Stefan Runge has kindly picked up the sources and adopted to WC 2010. I've unfortunately not had the time to do it myself this time.

   Euro 2004 / Euro 2008

Euro 2008 is an adoption of Worldcup to be used for the Euro 2008 in Austria and Switzerland.

What's new:

  • (01 June 2008) Finally includes the teams. If the program doesn't crash, this is the final version.
  • (04 March 2008) I've prepared a first beta of the program.


database files
more DB Files
web interface

Bundesliga is a little application that can hold the programmes of the most popular european soccer leagues, including the "Bundesliga" for the 2000/01 season. You can browse the programme, enter results and view the table according to the results.


  • (1 August 2004) Finally the yearly update of Bundesliga has become ready as Bundesliga 4.2 and can be downloaded from the Bundesliga page. Besides the update of database files for the new season we now have support for the large screen sizes of newer Palm and Sony devices and (thanks to Sandro Carelli) an italian translation.
  • (25 October 2003) Bundesliga comes with a new look and some new features. Worth to mention: 2 fully configurable table views and many improvements in details. For the full list please visit the changelog page.
  • (13 September 2003) Bug fix and update release 4.0.1. For details please visit changelog page.
  • (06 September 2003) The release candidate has undergone some small cosmetical changes and now is officially released as version 4.0. Download from the Bundesliga page.
  • (02 September 2003) I've compiled a release candidate for version 4.0. I'll wait until September 6th for updates on several translations, but plan to officially announce the new version then. Until then the ZIP files will include current PDB files.
    Beginning with version 4.0 there is a (low traffic) mailing list for announcements regarding the program.

   Worldcup 2003

Worldcup 2003 is an adoption of Worldcup to be used for the Women's Worldcup 2003 in the USA.

What's new:

  • (28 September 2003) Layout bug corrected; latest results.
  • (25 September 2003) Bug fix release.
  • (19 September 2003) First public version.

   Pilot Mines

Pilot Mines is a little freeware application, modelled after an X11 minesweeper clone (which in turn was modelled after the original MS game).


  • (06 May 2004) version 0.8.1 has a french translation of the program (new features).
  • (21 March 2004) version 0.8 released.
  • (22 June 2003) version 0.7 released.
  • (23 August 2001) version 0.6 released.
  • (22 August 2001) bug fix: in modes 20x18 and 26x24 the program never placed a mine in the lowest row.
  • (27 November 2000) bug fix: on PalmOS 3.3 a saved game wasn't restored to the window; the number of uncovered/marked fields wasn't correctly computed for a saved game.
  • (23 November 2000) version 0.5 released (new features)
  • (6 June 1999) version 0.3 released.
  • (13 May 1999) version 0.2a released.


I've set up a tar ball with all tools necessary to develop your own programs for the Pilot under Linux.

The package now is available also as a set of 3 .tar.gz files with checksums.


  • (02 September 2003) The download package was 4 years old. Meanwhile there exist substantial better packages, so I've simply deleted these old packages.
  • (13 March 2002) Stated the download package as not up-to-date anymore; instead give links to the official download sites.
  • (23 July 2000) Links to www.palmos.com (gcc and POSE) and comments on how to debug with POSE and gdb under Linux/Unix.

Thomas Pundt

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